Devan “Loki” Sullivan


He is Beauty.

She is Grace.

They will fucking punch you in the face.

Name: Devan Kasen Sullivan
Nicknames: Dev, Sully
Scene Name: Loki

Birthdate: May 31
Age: 27

Hair: Light Blonde
Eyes: Heterochromatic (Green/Blue)
Height: 5′9″
Weight: 125 lbs
Gender: Bigender (Male/Mixed/Female)
Sexuality: Pansexual, preference for masculine presentation
D/s: Switch (Dominant Woman, submissive boy)
Nationality: Scandinavian
Religion: Heathen (Rokkatru; Child of Loki)

Personality: On the surface, really gregarious and sassy. Can go from being very masculine to being super femme. Actually, very sensitive and fragile.


  • Adopted in London, England at less than 5 years old. (Actual age unknown)
  • His birthday is the date he was adopted by Karen and Donald Sullivan.
  • Karen Sullivan realized that he suffered from hearing loss when the orphanage claimed he was “stupid” and needed to be institutionalized.
  • Has partial albinism along with the heterochromatic eyes due to a genetic disorder that gives him his unique appearance (Waardenburg Syndrome type 2).
  • Super self conscious about his hearing problems and wears a set of invisible hearing aids.
  • Has a little sister that was adopted in China and a little brother who was adopted in Russia.
  • Speaks English, Finnish, Russian, and Mandarin fluently. Has a conversational level of Gaelic/Irish, German, and Spanish. Despite never attending school formally,
  • Devan is highly adept at language.
  • Tattoo down his spine is runic for “Survivor”.
  • Tattoo on his nape is a Nordic Compass that means he will always be able to find his way home.
  • Has a Chaos wheel tattooed on his pelvis below his belly button
  • Has a lower back tattoo with the symbol for Loki in the middle and runes down either side
  • The only time he has pronoun preferences is when in Domme mode and requests female pronouns. Otherwise, prefers male pronouns or neutral.
  • Hates rope.
  • Considers himself unworthy of being loved by others due to his past.
  • Tattoos cover scars, both from self harm and abuse.
  • Has beaten an addiction to Benzodiazapines.
  • Is completely in love with his soon to be husband, Carmine Deangelo.
  • Prefers to wear skirts no matter what gender presentation he is in.
  • Very self conscious about his body and wishes he could gain weight.

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