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Stolen Innocence

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A Bartender seeking Bonds and Understanding.
An Artist seeking Self-identity and Purpose.
An Actor seeking Fulfillment and Connection.
A Doctor seeking Acceptance and Healing.

A Journey through the Winding Paths of
Trauma, Recovery and Truths Laid Bare.

When desperate criminals find an easy target in the autistic neurosurgeon Kieran Sung, the young doctor is soon at the mercy of a local Irish mob boss with a set of perverse desires. Kieran is pulled unwillingly into circumstances that bring his world crashing down around him. He discovers comfort in ways he never imagined, and takes the hand of a childhood friend that desires nothing else but to help him. Circumstances bind him to a tattoo artist named Varick Jaeger, an actor named Carmine Deangelo, and a bartender named Devan Sullivan. Together with this unlikely trio, Kieran must learn how to handle the upheaval in a life he begins to see desperately needs change.

Stolen Innocence, part one of the Doctor’s Training Trilogy, is a story of healing that examines D/s culture, the complexities of polyamory, and how people often deal with mental and physical trauma. Follow Kieran, Devan, Varick, Carmine, and the rest of their pack they navigate a world that rarely accepts people that do not fit in with expectations.

#amwriting #bdsm #queerwriting #queerauthors #yaoi #gay #originalnovels #bigender #autism #kink #polyamory #daddylittleboy #totalpowerexchange #Irishmob #erótica #erotic #stlouis #romance #queer #neurodiversity #bipolardisorder #traumarecovery #PTSD
Beverly L. Anderson​ and Kenyon Y. Hunt​
The Chains of Fate Series​

Disclaimer: Winners will be chosen completely at random. A random number will be picked and you will be given a number based on the order you comment. Winner will be private messaged a week after the release date of August 26th. Winner MUST provide a valid mailing address to Stolen Innocence​ in order to receive their book. Authors will only use mailing address to send the book to the winner. Winner will receive their book 4-6 weeks after the release date.

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