And the Heaven’s Wept | Poetry

And the Heavens Wept

And the heavens themselves looked down and wept
From sad skies gray rain like bitter cold tears,
As there she laid; she eternally slept,
Leaving us here now with all of our fears.

A star divine had been taken away
To return to burn bright among the sky.
Leaving us here now to live on each day
Without her true guiding light, by and by.

Oh, she was a rock, a pillar, a stone,
Keeping us all together through it all,
But now she has gone, but she’s not alone,
For she waited, and then answered the call.

Oh, my heart may break, and my soul may sigh,
But I must stand strong for her guiding light-
It will aid me now each day that I try,
and it shall guide me through the depths of night.

The sky drops tears like ice upon my head,
And my face is wet from more than the rain,
But I will cherish the life that she lead,
As the very heavens weep for our pain.

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