And the Heaven’s Wept | Poetry

And the Heavens Wept

And the heavens themselves looked down and wept
From sad skies gray rain like bitter cold tears,
As there she laid; she eternally slept,
Leaving us here now with all of our fears.

A star divine had been taken away
To return to burn bright among the sky.
Leaving us here now to live on each day
Without her true guiding light, by and by.

Oh, she was a rock, a pillar, a stone,
Keeping us all together through it all,
But now she has gone, but she’s not alone,
For she waited, and then answered the call.

Oh, my heart may break, and my soul may sigh,
But I must stand strong for her guiding light-
It will aid me now each day that I try,
and it shall guide me through the depths of night.

The sky drops tears like ice upon my head,
And my face is wet from more than the rain,
But I will cherish the life that she lead,
As the very heavens weep for our pain.

Poetry | broken notes

broken notes

faith in life
it died in my hands
last night.
ending everything
all at once.
out of tune
nails on the chalkboard
that is your mind
but is it your mind
or has it become mine?
my notes scathe across your ears
incorrect pitch
like a scream in the night
for help but no one comes.
like an endless stream of
things through your mind
cold and frigid
but is there life therein?
or has it all died?
notes like bloody ice
crumble and break
melting into crimson rivers
of fire
to light the depths
of the oppressive

Poetry | I Will Follow Thee


I Will Follow Thee – Reflections of the Shadowdancer

I Will Follow Thee

Deep into the depths of hell,
I will follow thee.
Till I hear the tolling bell,
I will follow thee.

I carry in my very soul,
a little piece of your heart,
so that I may find you,
should you and I ever part.

Take me into your silent arms,
One final time and all is fine.
And before I go, you must know,
Always I’m yours and you are mine.

Now, I slip away into the dark,
Will you follow me?
I know in your heart I made my mark,
Will you follow me?

Poetry | The Lover

The Lover

This lover of mine has come
dressed all in black,
He’s come to take me away
upon his back.

I must go away with him
for he is mine.
I can’t stay longer because
I’m out of time.

What exactly brought me here
to binding fate?
All I know for sure is that
it is too late.

My love takes my away and
I shed one tear.
And I smile only because
there is no fear.

Poetry | In the Harlequin’s Touch


In the Harlequin’s Touch – Reflections of the Shadowdancer

In the Harlequin’s Touch

I feel the cool
Harlequin touch.
What do I do?
When the joke’s
on the fool?

Multiple colors strike
the mirror in the
darkest night
of a soul lit by the star
of solitude.

Tears of joy
and of sorrow mix
upon this toy
within my hands
so fragile
and glass.

I am the harlequin
and the bells ring on
as the white paint
drips in a rain of salty bitter
but still they are sweet
to some tongue.

Poetry | No One Asked Her Why


No One Asked Her Why – Reflections of the Shadowdancer

No One Asked Her Why

She sat alone.
There was dirt under her fingernails.
No one asked her why.
Her eyes were sunken and hollow.
No one asked her why.

She shivered as the wind blew.
But the shiver remained
long after the wind was gone.
People passed her
again and again.
Paying no heed to her
or the clothes that were ripped
and torn.

A girl met a boy,
and they fell in love like no others.
They wished to spend their lives
simply loving each other.
They planned to marry,
and to solidify their love
to make it all real.

Still, she sat alone.
She was pale in a sickly way.
No one asked her why.
Her hair was stringy and unkempt.
No one asked her why.

Soon enough a man came into the room.
She looked up,
moving for the first time.
He laughed and spoke with his friends.
And this pallid girl
smiled a fetid smile.
She pulled the clothes
around her chest.

His hands on her,
holding her down,
pressing her into the ground.
Then they shot him
and made him watch
as they slowly killed her
little by little.

And she sat alone.
Her smile was dead and empty.
No one asked her why.
She stood then and went to those she sought.
No one asked her why.

She stumbled away from the place,
screams following her
and blood on her hands still.
Around her the night encroached
and she felt the tears of life leave.
She felt that her job was done
but still the memories flashed
now with their own.

They cut him and hurt him
as they did horror to her.
His blood flowed to the ground,
and she tasted it
and her anger screamed
so that she did not stay dead
until her vengeance was sated.

She walked alone.
Her spirit yearning to rest forever.
No one asked her why.
Her heart broken through by the horrors.
No one asked her why.

She reached the grave
where her body had not remained.
Her hands rested on the stone,
and she called out to someone.
She sat down in the fresh dirt
with her back to the stone that said her name.
A vision came to her of her love,
and she reached up and embraced him.

They came and dug fresh graves
for those that had done so wrong.
The vengeance of a ghost killed them
it is said that night
but still there is no one that is sure.
Rapists and murderers they were,
all knew it for certain.

She was no longer alone.
Her body was undisturbed that they could tell.
No one asked why.
The grave was covered and packed, so
No one asked why.