Fanfiction | Fic Requests

Fic Request Guidelines:

  1. Time: I only do fic requests when I have time to do them. I am always taking requests, but I might not get around to it for a while.
  2. No Deadlines: I do not work on a schedule. I work when I’m inspired. So if I start a request, I may stop for a month until I feel like I can give it the attention it needs.
  3. Crossovers: I do odd crossovers, for example, I have a Bleach/Avengers crossover that worked well. However, if I can’t come up with a reasonable way to cross the characters over, I won’t take the request.
  4. Rating: I usually write MA/Explicit only.
  5. Contents: What I won’t write is easier to list than what I will write. I do NOT write excrement kink, vore (exception made for hollows in Bleach that consume souls), guro (I’m okay with horror, but I’m not into the erotic grotesque genre), or scenes that lead to a character’s death (I write sexual torture, however, I do not write torture that is deadly). I have limits on what sort of Edgeplay I’ll write.
  6. Sex Scenes: I will do any gender pairing. I prefer doing Male/Male or NB/Male etc. I’m not big on writing vaginal sex or vagina play, but I can do it. It won’t as detailed as other scenes I might do with anal sex in them.
  7. Kink/BDSM: I do a lot of this but I warn anyone requesting it: I don’t write abuse masquerading as BDSM. If you request a 50 Shades of crap type scenario, you’re not getting it labeled as BDSM, that’s labeled as abuse. I write collaring. I write contract negotiations. I write consent and safety. If it isn’t consensual by all parties, it is NOT BDSM.
  8. Limits: I may change my limits at any time. If you request something that I simply cannot write, I will tell you as soon as I can.
  9. Pairs: i will only write pairings that I can make a case for them conceivably being together. I cannot do pairings that are way out there with no reasoning. If the characters have never met, I will write something to make it seem viable.

Questions or requests need to be sent to me on Facebook (bev.phoenixreal) or through email (