In the Grip of Madness | Fanfiction Update


In the Grip of Madness

In the Grip of Madness by phoenixreal
Fandom: Bleach
Rating: Explicit

Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Major Character Death

Aizen Sousuke/Kurosaki Ichigo
Male Harem/Kurosaki Ichigo

Summary: Canon Divergent Post Fullbringer Arc. Ichigo finds himself at the wrong end of Soul Society’s wrath. Accused of a terrible crime he didn’t commit, he’s subjected to imprisonment and torture as punishment and revenge. When the true culprit reveals himself, and releases Soul Society from the grip of perfect hypnosis…they realize what they’ve done.


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Fanfiction | Serpent’s Kiss [Complete]


Serpent’s Kiss

Rating: Explicit

Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence

Categories: M/MF/FF/M

Fandom: Bleach

Relationships:  Ichimaru Gin/Kurosaki IchigoAbarai Renji/Kuchiki RukiaGrimmjow Jaegerjaques/Kurosaki IchigoIchimaru Gin/Grimmjow Jaegerjaques/Kurosaki IchigoAyasegawa Yumichika/Madarame IkkakuAyasegawa Yumichika/Original


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Poetry | broken notes

broken notes

faith in life
it died in my hands
last night.
ending everything
all at once.
out of tune
nails on the chalkboard
that is your mind
but is it your mind
or has it become mine?
my notes scathe across your ears
incorrect pitch
like a scream in the night
for help but no one comes.
like an endless stream of
things through your mind
cold and frigid
but is there life therein?
or has it all died?
notes like bloody ice
crumble and break
melting into crimson rivers
of fire
to light the depths
of the oppressive

Musings | Writing and Communicating

One of the things I’m no good at is communication. Especially the initiation of conversation. I have a lot of friends, most of them online, but my ability to initiate contact is minimal. I’m not sure what that trait relates tho most, but it can be a problem when I’m friends with others that struggle the same way. Even written methods of communicating, which is easier for me than in person, I find initiating daunting and intimidating.

Poetry | I Will Follow Thee


I Will Follow Thee – Reflections of the Shadowdancer

I Will Follow Thee

Deep into the depths of hell,
I will follow thee.
Till I hear the tolling bell,
I will follow thee.

I carry in my very soul,
a little piece of your heart,
so that I may find you,
should you and I ever part.

Take me into your silent arms,
One final time and all is fine.
And before I go, you must know,
Always I’m yours and you are mine.

Now, I slip away into the dark,
Will you follow me?
I know in your heart I made my mark,
Will you follow me?

Poetry | The Lover

The Lover

This lover of mine has come
dressed all in black,
He’s come to take me away
upon his back.

I must go away with him
for he is mine.
I can’t stay longer because
I’m out of time.

What exactly brought me here
to binding fate?
All I know for sure is that
it is too late.

My love takes my away and
I shed one tear.
And I smile only because
there is no fear.