Poetry | Reflections of the Shadowdancer

A Disease
A Farewell to Innocence
A Few Years Ago
A New World
Ache of Living
Ancient Song of the Exile
And the Heavens Wept
Angel’s Errand
Are You the Judge?
Around and Through
As I Am
Be Burned
Bitter Words
blood roses
Break the Bonds
broken notes
Complete Immersion
crystal butterfly
Dark Dance
Darkness Spun
Darkness that Penetrates
Day of Reckoning
dead Dark
deafening tones
Death of the Child
Destiny’s Touch
Dying Fire
Endless Nights
Eternal Lovers
Eternal Nights
Eyes of Mine
Falling Kiss
falling pain
Falling Star
Fate’s Door
Fire and Ice
First Kiss
Flying Free
Forever Bright
Friendship’s Sweet Bloom
From Natural to Artificial
Heart of Light
Heart’s Fire
Heavy Burden
Here Hear
Honeyed Venom
I Had a Name
I Looked Away
I Still Love You
I Will Follow Thee
images burning
In Her Eyes
In the Harlequin’s Touch
In Truth–Beauty
In Twain
Lack of Life
Let Her Fly
Letter to Love
Liquid Blue Eyes
Lovely to See
Memory of Mine
Moon Lit Meeting
Mr. White and the Seven Children (A Modern Day Fairy Tale…or Not)
My Dream of Life
No Black Robes
No More
No Need
No One Asked Her Why
No Turning Back
Not Yet
Oblivion–To Life
On Broken Wing
On Destruction
On Drowning
On Fantasy
One Moment
Our Love
Pages in a Book
Painted Roses
Past Forevermore
Perfect Life…not Really
Petals of Blue
Poetical Fire
Protector of the Unicorn
Reaching Out
Reason of the Ending
Robes and the Rubber Band
Roses of Red
Rosies and Posies
Secrets of the Dark
shatter me
Sightless Sounds
Silver and Gold
Silver Bracelets
Sing Sweet Lullaby
Snake in Sheep’s Wool
somewhere between the night and the rain
Stricken Candy
The Bell That Tolls
The Bells Resound
The Breath of Life
The Castle Crumbles
The Descent of a Malevolent
The Dragon’s Fire
The Dreamer
The Ending is the Beginning
The Great Dragon Encounter
The Hunters
The Light
The Lover
The Night Wind
the note true
The Pen
The Place of My Desire
The Protector’s Question
The Seeking
The Stopping, Part One
The Stopping, Part Two
The Storm Has Come
The Straw That Burns
The Sun Shown
The Watch
The Way Love
Three Elements
Through My Open Window
Touch the Stars
Trenton Bridge
Truth to Face the Other
Turned Around
Twisting Free
War Above Sleep
Watercolor Dreams
Wedding Band
Wedding Vow
You Are My…Everything
Your Angel