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Stolen Innocence: Part one of Doctor’s Training


A Bartender seeking Bonds and Understanding.
An Artist seeking Self-identity and Purpose.
An Actor seeking Fulfillment and Connection.
A Doctor seeking Acceptance and Healing.

A Journey through the Winding Paths of
Trauma, Recovery and Truths Laid Bare.

When desperate criminals find an easy target in the autistic neurosurgeon Kieran Sung, the young doctor is soon at the mercy of a local Irish mob boss with a set of perverse desires. Kieran is pulled unwillingly into circumstances that bring his world crashing down around him. He discovers comfort in ways he never imagined, and takes the hand of a childhood friend that desires nothing else but to help him. Circumstances bind him to a tattoo artist named Varick Jaeger, an actor named Carmine Deangelo, and a bartender named Devan Sullivan. Together with this unlikely trio, Kieran must learn how to handle the upheaval in a life he begins to see desperately needs change.

Stolen Innocence, part one of the Doctor’s Training Trilogy, is a story of healing that examines D/s culture, the complexities of polyamory, and how people often deal with mental and physical trauma. Follow Kieran, Devan, Varick, Carmine, and the rest of their pack they navigate a world that rarely accepts people that do not fit in with expectations.

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Devan “Loki” Sullivan


He is Beauty.

She is Grace.

They will fucking punch you in the face.

Name: Devan Kasen Sullivan
Nicknames: Dev, Sully
Scene Name: Loki

Birthdate: May 31
Age: 27

Hair: Light Blonde
Eyes: Heterochromatic (Green/Blue)
Height: 5′9″
Weight: 125 lbs
Gender: Bigender (Male/Mixed/Female)
Sexuality: Pansexual, preference for masculine presentation
D/s: Switch (Dominant Woman, submissive boy)
Nationality: Scandinavian
Religion: Heathen (Rokkatru; Child of Loki)

Personality: On the surface, really gregarious and sassy. Can go from being very masculine to being super femme. Actually, very sensitive and fragile.


  • Adopted in London, England at less than 5 years old. (Actual age unknown)
  • His birthday is the date he was adopted by Karen and Donald Sullivan.
  • Karen Sullivan realized that he suffered from hearing loss when the orphanage claimed he was “stupid” and needed to be institutionalized.
  • Has partial albinism along with the heterochromatic eyes due to a genetic disorder that gives him his unique appearance (Waardenburg Syndrome type 2).
  • Super self conscious about his hearing problems and wears a set of invisible hearing aids.
  • Has a little sister that was adopted in China and a little brother who was adopted in Russia.
  • Speaks English, Finnish, Russian, and Mandarin fluently. Has a conversational level of Gaelic/Irish, German, and Spanish. Despite never attending school formally,
  • Devan is highly adept at language.
  • Tattoo down his spine is runic for “Survivor”.
  • Tattoo on his nape is a Nordic Compass that means he will always be able to find his way home.
  • Has a Chaos wheel tattooed on his pelvis below his belly button
  • Has a lower back tattoo with the symbol for Loki in the middle and runes down either side
  • The only time he has pronoun preferences is when in Domme mode and requests female pronouns. Otherwise, prefers male pronouns or neutral.
  • Hates rope.
  • Considers himself unworthy of being loved by others due to his past.
  • Tattoos cover scars, both from self harm and abuse.
  • Has beaten an addiction to Benzodiazapines.
  • Is completely in love with his soon to be husband, Carmine Deangelo.
  • Prefers to wear skirts no matter what gender presentation he is in.
  • Very self conscious about his body and wishes he could gain weight.