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Dark and the Sword

The Legacy of the Phoenix: Book One



The world of Avern has moved on. It has been almost a thousand years since the day the entire pantheon disappeared. Since the Abandonment, the mortals have learned to live without gods and goddesses. The world became mundane with little magic, and even less hope. Tyrants have risen, and those able to wield what is left of magic are powerful. Forces surge in the darkness that threaten to topple the already fragile world. The plight of the world of Avern is not unknown, however, and those that watch from a distance have decided to intervene. The mortals are sleeping, however, unknowing that two great powers will soon by vying for control.

Then something happens that changes things. A young princess makes a bid for power by murdering her father. She then attempts to murder her sister, the crown princess of Lineria, Keiara. Despite a true strike, aided by dark powers, Keiara doesn’t die. Instead, the strike pierces the barrier between her human soul and the soul sleeping within her, the soul of the Dark Phoenix. More than a goddess, the Dark Phoenix is the legendary mother of the gods. She is a part of the Eternal Phoenix that brought life to their world eons ago, one of the primal forces of the cosmos.


Shelter from the Storm | Fanfiction



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Omegaverse. Ukitake runs the Seireitei Shelter, a safe place for omegas in need of help. Things are going well, and they have a lead to finally bring down the Espada Organization. Then, Ukitake ends up with an omega that belongs to Aizen himself.


Saga of Theft

So, I recently had uploaded a book to Archive of Our Own to get feedback on the rough draft. It’s iffy on original works if anyone reads them, but I had a few people that seemed to like it. No real comments though. Then I got a comment. It was saying that someone had stolen my book and posted it as their own on Amazon. It gave the name of the person and I checked. Sure enough, there was my whole book, stolen word for word from Archive along with seven other books stolen and posted on the same day.

Of course, my first response was to file copyright infringement after I called Amazon for myself to find out what to do. I had to jump through their hoops, including having to BUY the book from the thief to verify that the book was indeed mine all the way through. Turns out, they don’t compare works at all. They just look at the reports and see if they have enough information to support the claim and go by that. After a week, I finally got the book removed.

Yet, this person still has a book online. They had seven books removed for copyright infringement, yet they are still allowed to be on Amazon selling books. I’m floored by the fact Amazon doesn’t have any sort of strike system or something. Amazon is really the only good place to self-publish at little to no cost, so independent writers are really stuck with using them.

Anyway, I ended up getting an ISBN for myself, and am proceeding to publish the book myself. I figure it’s time to get it out to the public.

Passione Villa | Fanfiction




Alt Universe (No Powers, Modern) Giorno hides the truth of his home life from others. Things change when he starts school at a new private college and he meets some people who begin to show him that he can lead a different life. (Yaoi, Mista/Giorno)

Butterfly Dreams | Fanfiction




Giorno finds himself having to make the decision to visit the hospital when his depression gets out of control. While there, he meets Fugo and Narancia and the trio forge a relationship based in their struggles.


And the Heaven’s Wept | Poetry

And the Heavens Wept

And the heavens themselves looked down and wept
From sad skies gray rain like bitter cold tears,
As there she laid; she eternally slept,
Leaving us here now with all of our fears.

A star divine had been taken away
To return to burn bright among the sky.
Leaving us here now to live on each day
Without her true guiding light, by and by.

Oh, she was a rock, a pillar, a stone,
Keeping us all together through it all,
But now she has gone, but she’s not alone,
For she waited, and then answered the call.

Oh, my heart may break, and my soul may sigh,
But I must stand strong for her guiding light-
It will aid me now each day that I try,
and it shall guide me through the depths of night.

The sky drops tears like ice upon my head,
And my face is wet from more than the rain,
But I will cherish the life that she lead,
As the very heavens weep for our pain.